Wreck Racing would like to thank all of our current sponsors for their generous contributions. Without your donations, this club and its members would not have grown as much as we have, both physically and in our capabilities. We appreciate all of your support.

5th Gear Sponsors

The Georgia Tech Student Government Association has always supported Wreck Racing and has played an instrumental role in the success of the club.

Chrysler Group
Chrysler Group has greatly helped Wreck Racing achieve it’s goals

General Motors
General Motors sponsors many of the teams in the Student Competition Center and works very closely with the Mechanical Engineering Department.
Atlanta Motorsports Park
Atlanta Motorsports Park (AMP) is a road course designed by famed Formula One architects, Hermann Tilke. AMP is the the first green, sustainable motorsports facility and country club of its kind. Instead of the typical country club with a golf course at its center, at AMPs heart is a 2-mile road course with elevation changes, technical course layout, high speed straights and two ‘signature’ corners designed to pay homage to famed European race courses; Belgium’s Spa-Francochamps and the iconic ‘Carousel’ from Germany’s Nurburgring.

4th Gear Sponsors

CAT has been instrumental in the growth and success of Wreck Racing.

3rd Gear Sponsors

SafeRacer has generously provided us with safety equipment for our cars for our 2011-2012 competitions!

DIYAutoTune is a local Atlanta supplier of Megasquirt (the engine management system used on our cars). DIYAutoTune has been extremely helpful in any technical problems and is great at customer support.

Forged Performance
Forged Performance, located in Marietta, Georgia, is a one-stop shop for high performance cars. They offer performance parts and installation, general maintenance and repair, custom fabrication, dyno tuning, race preparation, and even driver’s training. Forged has worked hard to become an authorized dealer for most of the parts that they sell, as well as being certified to tune the vehicles in which they specialize. This level of expertise and outstanding customer service has established them as one of the best Nissan, Subaru, and Mitsubishi tuning shops on the East Coast. Please go check out their services and some of their awesome work!

Scott Siegel Racing
Safe. Smooth. Fast. Siegel Racing helps motorsports enthusiasts get the best out of their machines and themselves. Whether it is finding the right training, tune, or line Siegel Racing will help safely and smoothly unleash the full potential of your car as well as its driver. Scott Siegel helps the team with driving instruction and tuning assistance.

Flyin’ Miata
Flyin’ Miata specializes in making Miata’s of all kinds accelerate faster, corner harder, and stop shorter and man are they good at it. Their expertise in the subject matter shines with the selection of parts and kits they have available to Miata owners. Whether its a stock miata for autocrossing on the weekends or a dedicated track car like the Wreck Racing Miata, Flyin’ Miata has the parts and expertise to really optimize performance based on the owner’s needs and desires. Check out all they have to offer at their website.

2nd Gear Sponsors

Gran Tourismo East
GTE is our local resource for tire mounting and balancing. Gran Tourismo East specializes in tire mounting, alignments, and even suspension tuning. Gran Tourismo East works on both track and street cars. They will even do maintenance service!

Big Bang
Big Bang creates products that people love. They work with companies to come up with the next big thing. They start from their discovery process, performing user research, farming ideas, evaluating each idea, and validating the proposed ideas with the consumer. Then they find exactly how the product will used and explore the possibility of each proposed idea. Once a design is chosen they work closely with the company to refine and improve the design to better meet the consumer’s needs. Finally, they provide support for the manufacture of each product and oversee product launches. We are honored to be able to work with such a company.

Tom Barrow Corporation
The Tom Barrow Corporation is a manufacture’s representative for commercial HVAC solutions covering most of the Southeast. Tom Barrow’s sales force works closely with customers to determine the best solution for each situation. Their reputation of unparalleled service and attention to detail has led them to become the largest commercial HVAC representative in the Southeast.

1st Gear Sponsors

QuoteWizard connects insurance shoppers with agents, brokers, and carriers through insurance leads and advertising opportunities.


RevZilla.com offers the top brand names in motorcycle equipment, parts, accessories, riding protection, and cameras.


BimmerShops improves the BMW ownership experience by connecting BMW owners and independent service professionals. We’ve created the best place for BMW drivers to find a qualified, specialized independent auto repair shop.

CallRail makes it easy to track which marketing sources and keywords make your phone ring. We provide call tracking, recording, and analytics for PPC, SEO, web, and offline marketing campaigns. With CallRail, you can create tracking phone numbers instantly, get reports in real time, and increase your advertising ROI by learning which campaigns and keywords deliver valuable phone leads.

UUC provides quality race components to both car enthusiasts and professional racers alike. They have made generous donations to our team!

Harrison Motorsports
Harrison Motorsports serves BMW and Mini Cooper owners located near Alpharetta, GA. Check them out for all of your performance needs

Hoosier designs top notch tires for our vehicles.

Airgas suplies gas which is vital for our welders.

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