1986 BMW E28 5-Series (2018 Challenge) – Current

-GM LS 5.3 Liter V8 engine

-BMW E36 front subframe and steering rack

-Aftermarket front coilovers with custom lower control arms

-Ford 8.8 rear differential and solid axle with custom 3-link rear suspension setup

-Totally rad C4 corvette wheels


2001 Honda Insight ($2015-2017 Challenge)

-Subaru EG33 Flat six engine

-Mid-engine layout

-2006 Crown Victoria front suspension

-Custom pushrod style double wishbone suspension in the rear

-Suzuki Hayabusa coilovers all around

-Subaru GC8 5 speed transmission with center diff lockout



1969 MG Midget ($2012-2013 Challenge)

-Toyota/Lexus 2JZ-GE inline-six engine

-Holsett HX35 Turbocharger

-GM TH350 transmission

-MegaSquirt Engine Management System

-Solid Ford 8.8 axle w/ factory LSD

-Miata front suspension with custom frame rails

-Custom, adjustable three-link rear suspension

-Hayabusa coilovers with pushrod/rocker-arm actuation at all four corners



1992 Mazda Miata ($2007-2011 Challenge, UTCC)

-Toyota/Lexus 1UZ-FE V8 engine

-Eaton M90 supercharger

-MegaSquirt Engine Management System

-Uses E85 ethanol fuel

-Ford 8.8 differential w/ factory LSD

-Cut circle-track springs

-KYB AGX (rear) and Spec Miata (front) shocks


1984 BMW 325e ($2005-2008 Challenge)

-Super ETA Block, I-model Head

-K26 Turbocharger

-MegaSquirt Engine Management System

-Limited-slip differential


1985 Volkswagen GTI ($2004 Challenge)

-Upgraded springs, shocks, and fabricated anti-roll bar

-Upgraded clutch and Lightweight flywheel